black turtle TCM rates and financial practices have been structured so as to align the medical billing practices of this office with integrity and community values.

fee for service model

cash rates rates for individual visits will vary depending on the type of visit. fee for service rates are based on the complexity of the condition, the time spent and the procedures needed. please inquire for documentation of specific fee for service rates for specific procedures and visits.

CSAcupuncture/bundled payment model

enrollment/membership in the CSA (community supported acupuncture) or bundled payment gives you access to the service of TCM (taoist clinical medicine) care when you need it for a simple quarterly fee. please inquire for documentation and more information about CSA/bundled payment options.


low income, barter and other payment plans may be available when arrangements are made before services are performed. if financial burden is a barrier to your treatment please inquire, black turtle TCM has a limited number of “scholarships” and low cost treatments available.

NOTE: *prompt payment discount: black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) offers a prompt payment discount of 40% to qualified payers who choose to pay at the time of service.

insurance policy

the maintenance of your health is ultimately your responsibility. toward that end, you may choose to employ or be covered by an insurance company. whether in seeking treatment related to an accident, work, or in general, coverage agreements between you and your insurance company are separate from your relationship to care providers such as black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine).


upon request black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) may be able to provide you with documentation to aid you in gaining reimbursement from your insurance company, and may be able to bill your insurance company on your behalf*. however, claims may be denied and it is important to understand that you are ultimately responsible for any unpaid balances.