herbal remedies

herbal remedies, nutrition food guidance, and supplements are used to adjust the body's physiological substance directly. herbs in the TCM pharmacopoeia come from animal and mineral as well as plant sources. traditionally these were drawn directly from nature and processed as little as possible, most commonly through a water extraction (decoction or infusion) or an alcohol extraction (infusion). they might also be made into foods, ground into pills, or mixed into plasters. In today's world TCM (taoist clinical medicine) also takes into account the effects of modern synthesized chemicals (pharmaceuticals) and complex laboratorial extractions of plant “active ingredient constituents”. however, herbal medicines at their heart are like foods.


while, the substances that we use as herbs are often more potent than foods, the way that we use them is the basically same. we rarely eat a meal with just one food. similarly, herbs work best when combined together into a "formula" just like several foods are often cooked together into a "recipe". drawing from the wide range of herbs in our pharmacopeia as part of the practice, black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) can design  a customized recipe specific for your condition. as your health changes so too will your herbal formula. this is called "chasing the dragon's tail". by tailoring your medicine so precisely "side effects" are also eliminated.