inner ecology evaluation: diagnosis of your “inner landscape”

many of the above TCM (taoist clinical medicine) thereapies are very subtle. However they are often highly effective (and miraculously often without unwanted “side” effects). this highly targeted effectiveness in addressing troubling symptoms is due in major part to the emphasis of precise “diagnosis” in effective TCM (taoist clinical medicine).  


TCM (taoist clinical medicine) understands the body as an integral connected part of nature. because we are connected to nature we can describe all of the internal physiological functions of the human body in the same familiar ecological terms we observe externally in the “elements” of nature.

the main benefits of this are as follows:

  1. an ability to see clearly in medical complexity (of both the forest as well as the trees).

  2. potential for insight in treating complex or subclinical disease “with precise instrumentation” “before it happens”.

as part of your TCM therapy we will do an IEE (inner ecology evaluation). we will gather together the “signs and symptoms” of the harmony as well as “dis-harmony” that is present in your life and together create a working picture describing your “inner landscape” as you are now, which can help inform us about the best ways to intervene with various TCM therapies to generate and cultivate the “inner garden” of your highest potential state of health.

the goal of TCM (taoist clinical medicine)

life is about balance and described in most biology textbooks as “homeostasis”. the goal of medical interventions thereforeis to help restore this “homeostasis” and encourage balance. However, as life is actually a natural flux or flow back and forth between opposites (imbalance) perhaps we can more acurately say that the goal of TCM (taoist clinical medicine) is to encourage “homeoflux”, or graceful flow. in the process of creating and maintaining the “dance of homeoflux” we all have the opportunity to harvest the true blessings of life whici is the cultivation of karmic wisdom learned through life experience.


are you feeling battered by the extremes of your homeoflux? are you feeling stuck in a state of “homeostasis”? let us at black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) help to soften the flows of the extremes of your life, and keep things moving along in a balanced manner catalyzing troubling symptoms through alchemical transformation into karmic wisdom and resulting wellness.