exercises are one of the most potent forms of medicine we have available. it is a TCM (taoist clinical medicine) adage that to move is to be alive. elaborating on this principle and informing it with the complex knowledge of energy science passed down through generations the black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) is heir to a great wealth of medical exercise knowledge.

tai chi, qi gong, dao-in

many of these exercises not only stress the physical body but also are designed to exercise the etheric or “energy bodies” as well. these exercises are often called "qi gong" which literally means "energy guidance [exercise]". dao-in or "chinese yoga" and tai chi (or tai ji chuan) are also examples of this kind of energy exercise.


meditation is a very important thing. just as night is needed to balance day, meditation is needed to balance exercise. it is in the resting process that we integrate and do most of our healing. in life we often find ourselves taking two steps forward and one step back. while it may seem like this is an impediment to progress this is in fact an important part of the process for this is where we integrate.

meditation can greatly facilitate this process of integration, making our "steps backwards" smaller as well as less troublesome. while we often think of meditation as something done in a cave or a quiet room while burning incense, there are many forms of mediation including motorcycle riding, dish washing, and long hot showers.

meditation does not need to be a chore or difficult. with a little focused instruction and specific intent the meditations you do naturally can be enhanced and become more effective in supporting your joyful life. other techniques and tools as well can also be introduced to support the healthy posture of your energy system.


counseling is perhaps one of the most delicate and important of medical tools. as people, it is often by talking together that we can discover what is bothering us and what we need to do about it. by being a mirror for each other we can help discover the true north way within and walk our path with a light heart. as part of it's legacy, black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine) also brings with it an intimate knowledge of the emotions and the systems by which they can become blocked, impacted and over-expressed. by discussing the issues of life within this context of this knowledge we can begin to use all of the above tools to support the healthy balanced flow of your life.