"just wanted to say how much I appreciate your energy... flexibility.. and love of tai chi. each week a different cast of characters comes...you are able to go with the flow and help us with our energy and spirit. you are a very generous teacher!"

- Abby Colihan

"baylen is skillful and kind and for those of as who don't have an insurance plan that covers acu, he has made it affordable! ask about his acupuncture CSA!"

- Felicia Messuri

"i heartily recommend baylen slote LAc at black turtle TCM (taiost clinical medicine) in Montpelier. baylen is a wonderful, thorough and caring provider who looks at peoples health issues through a holistic lens. he was really there for me through my own health emergency as well, making my pain so much more bearable and working to restore health to my underlying system as well. my partner uses his acupuncture CSA program, which makes his care really affordable. he is awesome!!"

- Casey Ellison

"if you are thinking of adding acupuncture to your heath regimen I can personally recommend baylen slote. he 's competent, kind and he really listens to his patients to devise the most effective treatments. also certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine."

- Carolyn Morton

"last july I was introduced to baylen here in Cabot when he offered an open house to introduce his practice in acupuncture.  some years ago in another place I received acupuncture for a long time challenge that had not been properly assessed in more than one modality I had received.  acupuncture was the answer and I responded well at that time.  since coming to Vermont something else has occurred that had remained unsolved. meeting Baylen gave me a new opportunity.  being there with him we began with introductions, his speaking of his own experience in study and preparation and his listening to my story.  then he offered me an opportunity to receive acupuncture.  it was a beautiful setting, a lovely summer afternoon so all things were in the right place.  Long before the the treatment, in conversation I felt clear that baylen is a healer and it was that knowing that prompted my immediate response to work with him..
as I remember in the beginning we worked together 2 times a week.  when he relocated his practice I continued.  the new setting, of course was as perfect for baylen himself is the environment of healing.  
I invite as many people as possible to work with baylen blote and be gifted by his inner knowing and the light he brings to acupuncture."

- Sandra Mennella