acupuncture entails the insertion of very fine single use "filiform" needles into specific spots on the body. these spots regulate the bodies function by regulating the flow of energy or "vital qi". scientifically observable effects of acupuncture include changes in the nervous and endocrine systems, relief from pain, and increased healing. often times people will slip into a profoundly restful sleep like state during full acupuncture sessions, and sometimes experience dreams, and trance-like images. by regulating energy or "vital qi" acupuncture can help resolve subconscious and emotional issues as well as relieving physical pains. acupuncture can be used with our without electrical stimulation to “get de qi”.


(the burning of medicinal herb “ai ye” to make smoke and heat).

smudging, smoking, moxibustion and other heat therapies can used to stimulate the functions of the body and clear areas of congested energy. true north way uses various empirically effective ways of applying the warmth from burning herbs into specific areas of the body for therapeutic results.

the most dramatic example of this is the traditional chinese remedy of using of burning a cigar made from the herb mugwort (called moxibustion) on or near the little toe. this has been shown to be consistently clinically effective for the purpose of helping a breech baby turn during the last stages of a woman's pregnancy.

“gua sha” (scraping therapy)

gua-sha also known as scraping therapy, is a form of dermabrasion using a hard tool (traditionally an antelope horn) to create positive stressors on the micro-capillaries and thereby induce histamine response to activate and cleanse the immune system. It is highly effective for allergies as well as in the initial stages of colds and flus.


cupping is a therapy similar to “gua sha” (scraping therapy) but instead of pushing down on the body it is done by pulling up with a suction cup. This “folk” remedy has been used throughout the world for untold generations for the effective remedy of many common ailments including aches and pains, and respiratory ailments among others. Skillfully utilized it can be very effective.


acupressure is medicinal touch. the tradition of hands on therapies is probably older than language, and possibly older than human beings themselves. we can all recognize how naturally it comes to us when we bump a knee or elbow and are drawn to rub it. modern science has shown that this touch actually stimulates a healing response both releasing endorphins as well as reducing inflammation, not to mention helping to scramble pain reception so that it feels better. When this medicinal touch is informed by the intricate knowledge of anatomical structure as well as energetic pathways within the body then there are potential doorways for “supernatural” healing to take place.